Monday, May 11, 2015

Three is a Party - 3

I got home to the sound of our trusty lawn mower in the back yard. Okello was pushing it. A sheen of sweat covered his dark skin glistening in the late afternoon sunlight. I watched him from the kitchen window walking the mower back and forth pausing every now and then to wipe the sweat from his brow. I had seen him shirtless many times at the beach and even in this very yard while playing soccer with my husband but not quite the same way. I had now experienced that body as a woman experiences a man, I’d watched that back in the mirror working to give me pleasure, grasped those muscled arms. No, this was not the same man of days long gone. Thanks to my husband, this was a fantasy come true.

I poured two glasses of lemonade and walked out to the patio just as he was storing the mower into the shed. He strode towards me with the usual bright smile on his face and  took the glass from my outstretched arm, his fingers grazing mine slightly. The slight touch sent warmth coursing through my arm, tightened my nipples and started a throb between my legs. I wondered whether he noticed the effect he now had on me. He gulped down the lemonade, adam’s apple bobbing, sweat glistening on his dark skin, eyes piercing into mine from behind his glasses. I don’t think he missed anything with those eyes. He was at once enticing and intimidating. This was the first time he had come over since Kioko left and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

“I’m preparing a light dinner, would you like to join me?” I hoped he did not hear the slight tremble in my voice, “It’s chicken salad.”

The answer was yes, he would stay for dinner and share a bottle of wine. That called for a quick shower and a change of clothes - my husbands clothes, so he would be comfortable. I hoped I wasn’t too presumptuous showing him to the master bathroom instead of one of the others in the house but I figured it would be OK since he had used it before. His proximity, the heat off his skin and the sweaty scent from his body after working outside was almost overwhelming as I went through the closets finding him one of my husband’s shorts and a t-shirt. But he stood there, calm, watching me, perhaps aware that I was leaking like a faucet between my legs, remembering what we had done in this very room. I handed him the clothes and made a quick escape back into the kitchen to deal with dinner.

“Ahh ... Feel so much better after that shower.” He said as he walked back into the kitchen, “would you like help with anything?”

“I’m almost done but you can do one thing” I handed him the bottle of wine, “uncork this for us.” I was relieved that the earlier tremor in my voice was now gone.

We settled down to eat and with the previous tension seemingly eased, the conversation was as effortless as it usually was when my husband was present. The sound of his laughter filled the room, and the story-telling went on long after we finished our meal. He had always been easy to talk to and I found myself hanging onto every word, observing every expression, marveling at the way he became animated by the subjects he was passionate about. I also noticed him watching me. His gaze on my lips when I talked or took a sip of wine, the swing of my hips as I moved around the kitchen when we cleaned up, my knotted nipples through the light fabric of my dress. I only hoped he couldn’t smell the wetness pooling down under making my panties a sticky mess. I excused myself to use the guest bathroom and took them off when I saw how wet they were. I was even surprised the wetness hadn’t leaked through to my dress.

When I got back to the living room he was fiddling with the music and soon the room was filled with one of the new Nigerian songs he and my husband liked dancing to. I wasn’t much of a dancer and prefered to sit and watch them try the many moves that accompanied the songs, but here he was gesturing for me to join him, taking my hand when I wouldn’t and twirling me around the room, laughing at my mis-steps. I was glad when the music slowed down because then I could at least catch my breath and remember my steps. Only, with the slower music he drew me closer, his hands low on my waist moving me with him to the music.

“Is this better then?” He asked laughing.

“Yes, it is, you know I love zouk.” Dancing with him had always been easy. He was good at it.

“Of course, I know that and many other things about you Wanja.” He tipped my chin up with his finger and with his other hand skimmed my hip over my dress.

“I know you are not wearing anything under this dress,” he arched an eyebrow, “why is that?”

I protested. Claimed to be wearing sheer panties. Ones he couldn’t feel through the dress. “Really?” It was a dare but for some reason I felt committed to my initial response.

“Really! Why would I walk around without panties.” I could feel my heart racing as I said it.

“Hmm … I doubt it. I think I should check just so I’m sure.” With that I felt my already short dress get shorter as he slowly bunched it around my waist while his gaze held mine. Even then I could feel the wetness continue to pool between my lips sure that it would drip down my leg as we had this battle of wits.

We’d long stopped moving and were lightly swaying to the slow music as my dress went higher and higher. Until the hem stopped at the edge of my bottom. “So, panties or no panties?” He queried, eyes on mine.

“Panties.” My voice cracked.

“OK, I guess I have to see this for myself.” He lowered himself then, eye still on mine until he was on his knees before me. Then he turned his gaze to the pantiless, throbbing junction between my legs. I’m sure he could see how wet I was. Smell it even. I was almost embarrassed. The man hadn’t even kissed me since he’d arrived and here I was turned on and pantiless.

He drew himself toward me. Drew a deep breath. Then with his tongue, delved into the folds and licked the wetness that had been collecting there all evening.

“No panties.” He looked at me then. “Very tasty, but no panties that I can see.” He then dove back in. Tongue stroking between the folds, finding my clit and slowly lapping at it. Slowly driving me up the wall. Knees buckling despite his arms holding me up. He licked still. As I moaned and wound my hips. As I ground myself into his face. He licked and sucked and kept on and on until the tremors took over and my hands on his shoulders gripping for dear life. Until I screamed his name. Then when I couldn’t stand the pleasure he let me crumble against him and we lay there on the rug, me flushed and panting, reaching for the buttons on his shorts and him, kissing me, giving me small tastes of myself on his lips and keeping my hands from the very thing I wanted so much right then.

“shhhh … this is for you” the hoarseness of his voice had me believing otherwise. He rolled us on our sides, his clothed thigh snugly against my unclothed center. I ground myself on him. I wanted him. I wanted him to fill me but he held me back. Held me against him as the slow music played on till we dozed off.

I woke up later to find his eyes on me. “So, where are those panties?”

“In the guest bathroom.” I managed to whisper. He stood up and pulled me up to him. Kissed me and then walked to the bathroom and got the wispy yellow piece of clothing I’d abandoned in the bathroom earlier.

“Still wet. I’m going to keep these.” He crumpled my panties into his pocket before walking out the door.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Three is a Party 2

When Kioko asked me to come over to his house, I did not expect that I would end up in bed with his wife. But after he sat me down in his study and explained what his intentions were and the role I was to play, I could not refuse. Don’t get me wrong. Wanja is not the kind of woman to throw herself around, she wasn’t the loose woman one would associate with this kind of scenario. No, she was the kind of woman I wanted to take home to meet my mom, the kind I wanted barefoot and pregnant with my child. She was sexy but not trashy, beautiful not pretty, smart and ambitious, wholesome with just a dash of naughty sprinkled in.
Now that the deed was done, I held her in my arms and soothed her. Watched her as she lay with her head rested on my arm, her leg draped over mine, ran my hand over her smooth round ramp. She sighed then and looking into my eyes, stretched up and placed a gentle kiss on my lips then stood up and led me to take a shower with her. We took our time under the shower spray, soaping, caressing and rinsing, barely speaking and arousing each other yet again. She took my semi-firm length into the palm of her hand and stroked me and like a teenage boy I was ready to explore her depths once again. Her legs wrapped around my waist when I lifted her by her thighs, my rod finding its way into her as easily as if I’d done this with her countless times before. I thrust then pushed her against the wall using it for the support and stability I needed while I sucked on the neck I had admired from afar many a time, not caring whether or not I left any marks on her. Her cunt flooded with her slippery thick wetness as it clenched and unclenched with my push and pull. Her groans, louder in the small bathroom space echoed louder and heightened our arousal. With one arm around my neck, she used her fingers on her clit while I continued thrusting into her over and over again. I wasn’t gentle, I was too hungry to be gentle.
Later, I left Wanja dressing and went downstairs, slightly nervous and wondering whether we had taken too long or if I had enjoyed myself too much. I hadn’t wanted to stop but now that I was back to my senses, felt that the situation was still delicate. I found Kioko starting the grill out on the patio and hoped we hadn’t been too loud that we sent him outside and away from our passion.
He turned around when I slid open the door “How is she?”
“She seems okay and will be down in a few. Are you still fine with all this? I wondered if he was having a change of heart. After all, imagining and doing something are two different things.
He turned back to adjust the rib racks on the grill, the look on his face a bit pensive. “I have thought about this for a long time Okolla. I am confident with this decision but I hope I have not misunderstood her desires.”
Just then Wanja walked onto the patio. She wore a short colourful sun dress that accentuated her slender waist and flared out over her hips. Her hair was once again in its tip top un-mused afro shape but she appeared to be as nervous as I had been walking out here to look for her husband but with a shy yet sensual smile she walked up to him and raising on her tip toes, held his head in her hands and slowly kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and for a long minute they held onto each other. The look of relief when he finally opened his eyes and looked at me over her shoulder spoke volumes and the wide smiles on their faces told of their relief. After a few words to both of us she went into the kitchen and busied herself preparing a salad while I set out the drinks and plates for our impromptu barbeque.
As the evening wore on and the drinks relaxed us I felt myself getting aroused once again. She mercilessly flirted with both of us through the evening. I’d watch her sit on Kioko’s lap, whisper in his ear with her eyes squarely on mine, barely kiss him then move on to me and do something similar leaving us hard and wanting for many moments before coming back for a tiny dose of the same.
When Kioko left the room momentarily to fetch another bottle of wine, she straddled my thighs and ground herself onto my hard, clothed cock then took my hand and placed it between her legs surprising me with bare skin under her sun dress. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to tip her onto her back and have her right on the carpet but instead, I dipped my finger into her then used the slick wetness to rub her clit slowly as she alternated between kissing me and burying her head in the crock of my neck. As I continued to firmly rub on her clit Kioko walked into the room and stood by the door watching his wife humping her hips on my fingers. I knew he hadn’t cum all day - while I was there anyway, and evidence of that was the large bulge and the wet spot on his shorts. He firmly grasped himself over his shorts while she, oblivious or uncaring of his presence mewled in my ear and tagged at her dress releasing one succulent dark tightly nubbed breast from the confines of that pretty sun dress. I latched on and lathed the nipple with my tongue then sucked deeply. She came then. Loudly and without inhibition. Her husband behind her unbuckled his belt and before she even came down from her high, lifted her from my lap and started off with her up the stairs giving me a terse “We’ll see you tomorrow, lock the door when you leave.”
When a man tells you to vacate his house, you do so without question. So I left. Hard, shorts wet with her juices and her scent heavy on my fingers.
I did not see her again until Kioko shipped out a few days later. I’d met with him several times and we had several of those conversations I am certain I will never have with another man. I promised to handle the few repairs that the house needed, take care of his wife, fulfill whatever needs may arise while he was away, keep him updated on the state of affairs at home and in the course of all this, be as open as I could with both of them. I was free to move into their place as I was still renting but felt that it would be too much not to raise a few eyebrows in the neighborhood.
I held her hand as we watched him walk away after waving one last time. It had been a tearful goodbye and I was sure I would never be able to elicit such emotion from her but that wasn’t my goal, I was merely the support cast on this show. I drove her home and dropped her off letting her know that I’d be coming over the weekend to do some yard work. I didn’t want to seem to eager or ill mannered for rushing her so soon. The few days I’d spent away from her had given me some perspective. She would be mine for 12 months so I planned to take my time with her.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Three is a Party

While listening to Tell Me More (NPR) a couple of weeks ago I heard Michel Martin interview Malaka and Nana the two founders of the blog: Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women. I only caught part of the interview but it was enough to pique my interest and as soon as I got home, I found the blog, spent a few days reading  ... and the rest we say, is history.

The excerpt below is a piece a wrote for their blog as a guest contributor.


I thrust into my wife one more time and felt her muscles tightening and spasming as she came the second time that afternoon. Her knees gave out underneath her and as she lay there flat on her tummy, skin glistening with the light sheen, muscles twitching, I could see the pink of her pussy clenching. My cock throbbed longing to return to the warmth of what I’d be missing for the next twelve months … but I couldn’t, not yet. I had a plan and for it to work, I had to have her in the right frame of mind and I only had a weekend to get it done ...

For the rest of the story, please click here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Help

The long drive to pick up the maid from her countryside village hadn’t been as bad as I had imagined. In fact the scenery, blue skies and the occasional wildlife had made the two hour drive enjoyable - Kenya was indeed a beautiful place. As soon as we got to the house, I prepared us a quick bite to eat - after all it was her first day and she was not at all familiar with the lay of the land so to speak, then showed her to the servant quarters. This was a small self contained area at the rear of my townhouse. The following day, she would start her training at the neighborhood Domestic Center in order to perform the household duties required of her.

She was what I’d describe as a typical village girl - somewhat naive and a bit timid.  She had just finished high school but like so many who lived in her village, didn’t have many options as far as her future was concerned. She was short in stature, about 5’2” and about 115 lbs soaking wet. Her hair was combed in a neat afro that I have to say accentuated her high cheekbones and bright eyes. She did seem knowledgeable about current events and we had an engaging conversation during our drive back from her village to the city. I thought she’d be a great fit for my household.

In a few weeks, Kendi had settled in and learned enough to run my household without much hand holding. I woke up each morning to a hot breakfast and came come to find a clean home and dinner on the table. She kept out of the way but always seemed to pop out of nowhere when needed. My fellow expatriates were skeptical about the arrangement but I can bet you my last shilling that none of them had it as easy as I did. With time, we settled into a smooth routine and easy relationship … until the day I came home unexpectedly in the middle of the day.

It was one of those warm days that beckon you to take the afternoon off and laze by the pool sipping something alcoholic or fall asleep in a hammock. With that thought in mind, I left work early to start my afternoon of relaxation. I came home to a seemingly empty house and went upstairs to put together a bag so that I could head to the club for a swim. As I walked by my window I happened to catch a glimpse of her standing in the bathroom in her quarters taking what I imagine was a cooling shower. I can’t say I saw more than a flash but there she was, bare back, lightly muscled, slender waist, round buttocks and firm thighs all covered in wet chocolate skin. With that glimpse, my world tilted on its axis and the perfectly balanced world that was my home away from home became tormenting hell. I stood there for a moment, a little light headed, hard, and rather shocked by my reaction. In a few minutes she came out into the courtyard in one of her demure village dresses and got busy hanging the laundry clueless that her boss had just seen her naked. Suffice to say, I left the house that afternoon and didn’t come back until much, much later.

I couldn’t get the image of her naked goodness out of my mind. In fact that was all I thought about for days  and nights. It took all I had not to jump her bones and have her on the kitchen floor. What kind of mzungu (foreigner) would that make me? I found myself noticing small things about her; like the way she swung her hips walking through the living room, her soft feminine scent when she walked by, the way she raised her hand over her mouth whenever she smiled … so endearing.  My world was definitely wobbling! This was not what I had imagined but exactly what everyone had predicted.

Shortly thereafter, I was glad to receive a two week assignment that would take me away from the city and the “dangerous” situation  that was waiting to happen.  My assumption was that the time away would clear my mind and hopefully I’d meet someone interesting - there was no shortage of female expatriates or local girls where I was headed.

After two days, I missed her and everything about her including her numerous failed attempts at making American food from the cookbook she had acquired during her training. She liked singing as she worked especially when she thought I couldn't hear her and blushed furiously if I happened to come around the corner as she did so. I missed the sound of her accented voice so of course I called her. Just to hear her voice and to hear her call me “Mr. Frank.” That’s what she called me no matter how many times I asked her to just call me Frank. It was always Mr. Frank this or Mr. Frank that and I had resigned myself to it. For some reason it made me feel a bit special.

So you can imagine my shock the day I got back and saw them taking a stroll down the street, holding hands. Her hips swaying, skirt skimming the back of her knees, the sun glinting off her afro. He was taller than my 5’9”, lanky and walked with a jaunty spring in his step! I can’t tell you what he looked like because I only saw the back of his head as I drove past leaving a cloud of dust in my wake. I parked my car in the driveway and got the luggage out slamming the door and the trunk just as she came around the corner with a smile on her face.

She did not realize just how gutted I was and nor did I understand why I felt so strongly about this fellow.

“Who was that and where were you.”

“That is my new friend Mr. Frank, he works in the house at the corner.” The bright smile on her face was quickly turning to uncertainty and the hand she had stretched out for mine was now clasped tightly by its mate. This was not the welcome she had anticipated.

“Are you here to make friends or work?”

“I had taken your clothes to the dry cleaner like you asked me to. He was just walking me home.” She answered, wringing her hands

Is that what you do when I am not home, allow men to walk you home?”

“No Mr. Frank, it was only this time.” I could hear the tremor is her voice. I had never seen her cry but I was almost sure I was about to and felt bad. No, horrible! I had no reason to use this tone with her. But I had no idea what had come over me or how to stop it. Tears pooled in her eyes threatening to stream down her cheeks,

“Here, take my bags in.” I said, handing her the bags and unlocking the door.

“I am sorry Mr. Frank that will not happen again. Welcome home.” I stepped into the house and couldn’t help looking around to make sure the man hadn’t trespassed into my lair. Nothing seemed to be out of place but then there was no sure way to tell. Just like there was no way for me to tell how far their “friendship” had gone. The rest of the day passed in a blur with Kendi keeping to the kitchen and serving my meals quickly and efficiently. Once she was done with her duties for the evening she retreated to her quarters leaving me to wallow over my glass of brandy before I dragged myself off to bed.

I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned. Each time I closed my eyes, I saw them locked in passionate embrace. Lips locked, his hands buried deep in her mussy afro while hers gripped his muscular shoulders and her legs wrapped around his sinewy thighs. With each toss came a variation of that image. Laying in her bed, standing against the living room wall, on the kitchen counter. When not driving myself insane with these images I was racked with guilt. I really had no right to speak with her the way I had when I got home. She was my employee but she also deserved respect and interaction with people other than myself.  

The lights in her room were on so I knew she was still awake. I went downstairs and knocked on her door gently, half hoping that she would ignore my intrusion. But no, she cracked the door open and peered out. She was in a light colored night dress and I could see the outline of curves silhouetted against the light in her room. I knew then that I shouldn’t have attempted to have the conversation until morning but it was now too late.

“Kendi, I am sorry about earlier. You can have friends if you want to.” My voice sounded strained and I cleared my dry throat. She had opened the door wider and I could now see her breasts pressed against the worn soft fabric of her nightie. The thing wasn’t very long and barely got to her knees.

“That’s okey Mr. Frank”

“Are you sure? Look, give me a hug so I know you are okey.” I couldn’t believe I had said that but with no hesitation, she stepped forward and pressed her body against mine wrapping her arms around me. I wrapped mine around her and squeezed gently all thoughts about the appropriateness of this situation long gone from my mind. She felt good. Solid yet soft. The tight points of her nipples pressed into my chest even as I felt myself harden against her stomach. There is no way she couldn’t feel me through the two very thin pieces of fabric between us.

I kissed her then. Gently. Sucked on her lower lip. Top lip. Paused. I didn’t want to scare her. Not when I had her this close. Not when she tasted this good. I kissed her again probing gently with my tongue seeking hers out, she let out a whimper,  a little moan and pressed herself against me. She opened herself to me, her tongue dancing with mine, the hands at my chest almost timid. I wanted to devour her, bury myself in her essence.

With my hands on her waist I lifted her and stepped into her room with my cock grinding against her soft tummy. I set her down at the foot of the bed and started unbuttoning her nightie. Like I’d imagined, those perfect breasts topped by dark, tight nipples sat atop her chest with nary a sag. I marveled at the contrast between our skin color as I cupped and kneaded gently, tugging and twisting her tight nipples. She watched my hands and let out moan after sigh after moan. Her hand grazed the front of my pajamas and my cock jumped in eager anticipation. She rested both hands on my waist and her forehead against my chest like she was trying to support herself. I loosened my pjs and let them drop to the floor exposing myself to her. At first we just stood there with my cock hanging between us, heavy and throbbing to my heartbeat. I could feel her breath cooling the heat emanating from the thickness. Maybe she was making a decision on how to move forward or maybe I didn’t look like she had expected. She touched her fingertip to my tip and pulled away the large drop of pre-cum that had seeped, stretching the thread until it broke. Her other hand wrapped around my girth and squeezed gently.

I had her sit on the edge of her bed and stood between her legs spreading her smooth chocolate thighs and letting her sweet scent wrap itself around me. My cock reacted accordingly - tightening and lengthening even further, the seeping purple head emerging fully from the foreskin and bumping against her chin. With my hands cradling her soft face and thumbs caressing those thick lips, the next step seemed so natural. I leaned forward slightly grazing the tip of my cock to her lips and smeared them with my pre-cum. With her eyes on mine, her tongue darted out to taste the smear, then darted out again and shyly licked the slit at the tip while her hand skimming along the veined length. She opened her mouth and took the head in, swirled her tongue around and sucked. My fingers delved into her afro to keep her still. If I wasn’t careful I would cum sooner that I wanted to - her warm mouth felt so good. With her eyes now closed, she kept sucking and swirling, listening to my moans and reacting accordingly, both hands now working my length. It seemed she was a natural at this and was bent on getting even better, taking me in deeper, sucking like her life depended on it. She would glance at me every now and then to gauge my reaction, her eyes boring into mine. It was all too much. Those knowing eyes, those thick lips wrapped around me and that tongue! I had to stop her.

“Is it not good Mr. Frank?”

“It is better than good,” I managed to grunt “it feels very nice. But you’ll have to slow down abit.” I grasped her head in my hands and tried to move my cock away but she’d have none of it.

“If you like it, then I must go on. I must make you feel very good.” with that she pulled me back into her sweet wet mouth and continued tormenting me. With my hands fisted in her hair I thrust my hips forward almost choking her. I gave her what I hoped was an apologetic look when she looked up startled but my hips were unrelenting. They  suddenly had a life of their own and I wasn’t about to stop that good feeling. I felt crazed. All that existed in my world were her mouth, her eyes and my cock. My grunts and moans and the sucking sounds she was making filled the small room and for a fleeting second I wondered whether the neighbours could hear us. It didn’t matter though, not then anyway. I could feel the tingling sensation ride down my spine and my balls tightened upwards as with my next thrust the first of several spurts shot out of my cock surprising her. She recovered well and managed to swallow most of my cum and then continued to suckle on my cock as I stood there on my shaky legs. Her ministrations were gentle, almost loving but she wouldn’t meet my eyes. Gently, I used my thumb to clean off the cum that had escaped her mouth and with her chin, tilted her face to mine.

“I didn’t know that would happen. Is it always like that?” Her voice was quiet, almost a whisper. Her eyes darting away from mine.

“Yes, that happens when a man is very excited. Did I hurt you?” My heart was still beating hard in my chest and I could barely hear myself speak.

“No, I am okey. Now I think you will feel better. Tomorrow we will start afresh. Yes?” With that she stood up and slipped her nightie back on and with eyes averted again started working the buttons. I felt like a jerk! I’d come down to apologize and had ended up receiving a blowjob instead. The least I could have done was return the favor but as it was I, the master of the home was gently shooed out of her quarters.

I woke up the following morning painfully hard. For a moment I thought it had been a dream but I could still smell her on my fingers. Admittedly, I was nervous going downstairs for breakfast but I had to get to work so after a quick shower down I went with my semi-hard cock safely zipped up in my pants. I had everything planned out - I would apologize, have my breakfast and leave as soon as I could. I only hoped she would not tell me she was leaving my employment. However, while my breakfast was laid out on the table, she was nowhere to be found - not that I was going into her quarters to look for her.

The week passed with very little communication between us. She would make my meals, clean the house and do the laundry. Everything that was expected of her was done to perfection. There was however, no laughter, no singing and she certainly wasn’t making me any of her special meals. My nights on the other hand were filled with dreams of her in every sexual position known to man. I felt terrible and considered letting her go but was sure that would make me feel worse for denying her an income.  

When one week became two, I decided that something had to be done. I only hoped that whatever I said would not make things worse than they already were. She was in laundry room folding the day’s washing and was initially unaware of my presence. I stood there, out of site observing her and feeling like a bit of a pervert. The dress she was wearing fit her well accentuating her body in the right places and drew the kind of response that I was trying to avoid.

I cleared my throat not wanting to startle her. “Kendi, can I speak with you for a moment?” I didn’t sound as confident as I wanted to appear.

She gave a slight nod and I proceeded into the room maintaining some distance between us. Her hands never stopped folding but with my face flushed I forged forward, “I am sorry about the other night. It was not my intention to take advantage of you in that way. I wanted to apologize about my reaction to your friend and things got out of hand.”


Look, if you would like to leave, that’s understandable. I will pay you for this month and next month. I can also give you a ride back home if you want. You do a great job here and I would really like for you to stay.” She looked at me then but kept folding. My heart sank a little with that. Maybe she was really considering leaving.

“Do you want some time to think about it?”

“No!” My heart sank even further.

“I like working here Mr. Frank. You are a fair boss and have taught me many things. I will stay and work hard for you.” While she really hadn’t given me her full attention during the entire conversation, my heart rose a little with that. All hope was not lost.

“Thank you Kendi, you will not regret that decision.” She gave me a slight smile and turned back to her laundry but I was glad. If I could keep my errant cock in my pants and erotic thoughts out of my mind, I was sure everything would go well.

That strategy worked for a while and the situation at home relaxed considerably. I found many activities to keep me busy after work, long trips over the weekend and girls to keep me distracted. But I still dreamt about her almost every night, was jealous if I heard her laughing on the phone and was constantly worried that she would meet someone on her days off. Eventually my activities tapered off and the women became unappealing. The only woman I thought about was the one residing in my servant quarter and I was very sure I wasn’t welcome there.

It was her weekend off so, feeling horny and restless I had stripped off my clothing and was lying stark naked on the couch slowly wanking to the image of her lips around my cock. I wanted to draw it out and make the feeling last for a while so, I would repeatedly bring myself to the edge then ease back. With my eyes closed and the music a bit loud, I didn’t hear her come into the room but I definitely felt it when her hand closed around my balls.

“Wait, you don’t have to do this.” As much as I’d been dreaming, wishing and hoping, I didn’t want to get myself in a bind. I stood up, trying to move away.

“But I want to. I know you enjoyed it and I liked doing it to you so it’s okey.” A low groan escaped my lips at that. The woman was killing me. It didn’t take much more than that and the memory of her lips to weaken my resolve. This time however, it would be better for her.

Slipping her church dress off her shoulders, I revealed the succulent breasts I remembered so well. Their dark nubs were puckered, ready to be sucked. I sat her on the couch and knelt between her legs. She was beautiful and sensual. I took one of her breasts and sucked the nipple into my mouth while my other hand roamed her body skimming over her tight waist and rounded hips, over the kinky hair covering the very spot I had been dreaming about nightly. With my hand behind her knee, I lifted her right foot onto the couch then stopped sucking to take in the beauty before me. I lifted her other foot and placed it onto the couch to fully expose her bright pink center. We had barely started yet she was wet and her aroma filled the air around me. She looked at me with heavily lidded eyes while tugging and twisting her nipple … waiting.

I leaned forward and kissed her. Not the gentle kiss that I’d given her previously. This time I knew she wasn’t running anywhere. She wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I sucked her swollen lips as my tongue delved inside her mouth seeking hers out. I left my mark on her neck as I worked my way south tagging on both nipples then sucking each one to hard, fat nubs before I proceeded further down, past her belly button and into her pink wetness. With my fingers, I gently spread her lips further before I leaned in and gave her a long lick from her tight entrance to the point above her hidden clit. She tasted even better than she smelt. I licked her again and felt her thighs jerk slightly and close in around my head. I then sucked on her clit gently drawing it out before I started a quick firm flick. Kendi’s moans filled the room, her hips ground upwards and her hands gripped my hair tightly keeping me in place. When she came, her cunt pulsed and released more of her heavy cream and it was all I could do to keep myself from spending right there on the floor.

I leaned back on my hunches to admire her pulsing cunt, placed my hand over her and ground down gently. She jerked again another small cum sending tremors through her limbs. I leaned forward and kissed her inner thigh, her tummy, her neck then her lips. Let her taste her salty flavor as I aligned my cock to her cunt, I ground myself against her, coating myself in her copious juices while I rubbed my entire length against her clit. With each upward movement she let out a sigh that fueled my arousal. She looked delirious.

With my tip at her entrance, I pushed in gently watching my cock slip into her and pulled out. I then looked up to watch her. Her face was covered with a light sheen and her eyes were closed, lips parted, nose flared.

“Kendi, open your eyes, look at me I want you to look at me, look at us.”

I pulled out to the head and waited. She opened her eyes to slits and I pushed in as she watched, her hands gripping my arms. I pulled out and her eyes opened up wider and she looked into mine. I pushed in and pulled out, I pushed back in and ground against her nub. She closed her eyes straining her neck back, pussy spasming, thigh muscles clenching. My once naive maid hunched her hips to meet my mine, her arms wrapped around me grabbing my ass and urging me on. Nothing about what we were doing was gentle. My thrusts were hard and deep, the couch beneath us moved each time I thrust into her. The sound of our thighs smacking into each other filled the room adding to the soundtrack of our love making. Sweat dripped off me and landed on her. Her once perfect Church Afro was matted and in disarray. Her face? It was a thing of beauty as she reached the point of no return. The keening moan she let out was like no other and she continued to cum as I kept at that deliberate thrust and grind, trying to hold back as long as I could. My incoherent grunts followed soon after as with a final push, I buried my cock to the hilt and came deep inside her. I remained there, on my aching knees leaning over her prone body, cock twitching in response to her spasms, my body involuntarily thrusting against hers.

Even then I didn’t want to leave her wet warmth but my aching knees demanded otherwise and with the rest of the afternoon still ahead of us, we needed to find a more suitable spot. I gathered her into my arms and with her chocolate legs wrapped around me, I carried her to my room and into my bed.

My world had certainly shifted.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Assistant

Nothing could have prepared me for the surprise I was in for. After months trying to find a suitable position after returning home from the US, here I was at one of the industry's leading companies with more benefits that I could have imagined possible. I had just completed my three month probation period when I received the memo asking me to visit the Happiness and Satisfaction Department (not that I had heard of them before). Therefore, up I went not concerned about a thing since the company had been voted as having the happiest employees three years running. After numerous questions, a complete physical, and signing a heap of documents, I was handed a packet that contained information regarding my new office, assistant and a new clearance badge. I would no longer be reporting to the larger common area but to my own private office - with an assistant no less.

I got to my office and got busy with the packet. A bio and picture of my assistant was included, she had dark slightly curly hair and light brown skin - what would be referred to by the guys as “yellow-yellow”, unusual gray eyes framed by long dark lashes and soft looking lips. Her credentials were remarkable and I hoped we would get along. I placed her bio aside and continued perusing the contents of my file noting things I wanted to ask my boss about later, only to be interrupted by a knock on my door.

She looked just like her picture ... only better. She was shorter than I had expected, probably five two or three at the most with what I would describe as a nice body. Her breasts seemed to be about a nice handful and were probably her best feature. They were very tastefully contained in her blouse although one could see just a trace of her nipples. Her small waist flared out to nice rounded hips then tapered off to a great pair of legs ... I really could not decide whether I prefer the top half or bottom half. When she spoke, I detected a slight accent and made a note to myself to ask her about it later.

After our introductions, we set off to a good start and managed to get a number of things done before lunch. The company frowned upon the idea of eating lunch at one’s desk and permitted long lunches even encouraging the employees in my new tier and higher to take refreshing naps in order to recharge. To accommodate this and a lot more as I would learn, each office came with a cot.

Before that first lunch, Kendi walked into the office, closed the door behind her and flipped a switch next to it. With a rather mysterious smile, she turned and asked if I was ready. Before I could respond, she crossed the short distance to my desk while unbuttoning her demure blouse to reveal her breasts encased in a deep red bra. To say I was shocked is an understatement. By the time she got to my side of the desk, she had unbuttoned and taken off her blouse and was working on the fitting skirt to reveal a matching pair of lacy panties. Once the skirt was down around her feet, she took my hand and led me to the pull down cot. She loosened my tie as she kissed me softy and took it off, got rid of my shirt, shoes, socks, and was unbuckling my pants before I managed to speak up ... I mean what was this? Don't get me wrong she was a gorgeous woman and daggonit, I had been too busy to round up a good lay in a long time. She then kissed me once softly, and then started explaining. As my assistant, one of her duties was to ensure that I was sexually satisfied and if I had taken the time to read the whole packet, I would have been privy to that bit of information. Each associate in my tier and above had the same set-up. An office with a cot and access to a beautiful (or handsome) assistant picked especially for the reason that we were having this conversation. This would also explain the seemingly intruding questions, the strange physical I had endured the previous week and the privacy documents I had signed earlier that day.

She then kissed me again, softly but a little more insistent, again and again each time her kisses getting deeper. Her soft tongue probing and seeking mine out and her lips suckling on mine gently. When she sensed that I had relaxed a little, her hands went back to my buckle and soon enough, I was standing before her in my boxers. Yes, I was nervous ... who wouldn't be in same scenario? Her hands slipped into the waistband and she slowly drew the boxers down. My erection, harder that it had been in a long time caught then snapped against my stomach the loud smack echoing in the small room and leaving a smear below my belly button. She sat me down on the cot and knelt between my thighs rubbing one hand up my thigh while the other sought out my hardness.

I slipped off the bra and had the presence of mind to note that the breasts were a lot more than a handful. The tight nubs that were her nipples contrasted with the creamy skin begging to be sucked and I indulged them. Drawing one into my mouth, sucking gently, biting then sucking again, then alternating back and forth giving each one some attention and was rewarded with a low moan. My hands roamed her body grasping and squeezing her magnificent ass. Her womanly scent filled the air in my little office and I wondered how I would air it out. I dipped one of my hands into those lacy red panties to find smooth, sleek skin. Slipping my fingers into her folds, I rubbed her clit as I went by, rolling it gently under my thumb and was rewarded with another deep moan. I rolled it again and again firmly but not too hard and felt it grow larger under my fingers ... she was on. Her breathing grew ragged, the gray eyes, dark and unfocused, lips swollen - I had not seen a sexier woman. She pulled my hand out from between her thighs and sucked the sleekness off my fingers. Tasting herself then kissing me to share that salty womanly taste. I felt drunk.

Her other hand, so small against my thickness danced up and down my length pulling the foreskin down, measuring and gauging. I was wet and had been seeping since she started. Her thumb caught a bead of wetness and swirled it around the head. The other hand came down, lifted my balls, and gave a small squeeze, she then kissed the head, licking off the drop of pre-cum that had collected there. Her tongue darted out to take another taste before she engulfed the head in her mouth, her hand never stopping its firm dance while the other now alternated between caressing my thigh and my balls while her lips sucked, fluttered and kissed along my length. I am larger than average but she did not seem to have a problem taking me in deep, sucking and looking up into my eyes every now and then. The woman was driving me crazy. At this rate, I knew I would not last but I didn't know what she planned to do when the time came. I was getting closer with each stroke of her hand and each suckle from her soft, wet mouth. With her head in my hands and fingers wrapped in her hair, I tried to slow her down to draw out this moment but she would have none of it. She kept sucking and stroking, her tongue working the sensitive spot right below the head. I could feel the tingle start in my toes, and my balls drew up tighter ready to spew, and I started thrusting my hips up into her mouth. Fucking that sweet, sweet mouth until with one look from those gray eyes I went over the edge with a long loud grunt. She swallowed almost every drop and kept
suckling my cock until it was soft and sensitive between her lips and I lay back on the cot exhausted.

The absurdity of the situation did not escape me one bit. Here I was, with my assistant whom I had just met that morning, kneeling between my legs with drops of my cum decorating her d├ęcolletage.

I did take a nap but the rest of the afternoon, I was lost in a sexual fog. Our interaction had done nothing but awaken the starving beast inside me. I could barely focus and as soon as I had a moment to myself, I pulled out the package and re-read the section pertaining to my beautiful assistant and her duties. What I read only made my situation worse. I wanted more but could not think of a delicate way to ask for it ... was I to call her in a la dictation or was I to state my needs clearly and plainly? I wondered how I would ever accomplish anything while she sat right outside my door ready to fulfill my needs. I wondered how many associates had received the same treatment, how many people knew what had happened in my office during lunch and how many associates Kendi had “assisted” in the same manner. I wondered about many things that afternoon!

By the end of the day, I had worked myself into quite a state and was ready to take the next step. I summoned Kendi to my office and she promptly walked in with a smile on her face. She found me standing by my desk, the turgid length of my cock forming an undeniable tent in my trousers and figured why she had been summoned. Her kisses were not as gentle as they had been previously; she practically devoured me while I got rid of the blouse. I caressed her firm buttocks raising her skirt to her slender waist in the process and to my surprise, the panties she had on earlier were missing and her wetness had spread halfway down her thighs. She unzipped my trousers and gave my throbbing cock a few firm tugs as I turned us around. I planted her on my desk and stepping in between her legs, buried myself to the hilt in her warm wetness the force of my thrust pushing her a few inches up the desk. I paused for a moment to suck on her lips ... and buy myself some time. Fuck! She felt so wet and tight around me.

I straightened up, pulled out to the head then pushed back in looking into her gray eyes as I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it to the floor. I repeated the motion, this time watching her swollen lower lips pulling out with my cock like they didn’t want to let me go and coating me in that sleek wetness while her little clit stood at attention. She had a beautiful cunt. In fact, everything about her was beautiful including the soft gasps she let out each time my thumb caressed that clit. Her hands were on those amazing breasts, kneading them through the lacy bra and twisting her nipples. She opened the clasp between her breasts and I leaned down, took one nipple in my mouth, and sucked it into a tight peak as I started pumping my hips into her. Her strong legs wrapped around me and she used them to thrust herself up to meet my cock while she urged me on, moaning my name louder and louder the sound bouncing around in that little office complemented by the slurping sounds of our wet fuck. I ground my cock into her, twisting my hips so she could get the full feel of it and she trembled in response and wrapped her arms around my shoulders to draw me closer. With a firm grip on my head, she kissed my neck and sucked my earlobe gasping, “fuck me” with each thrust of my cock. And fuck her I did. Like a man possessed.

Churning my cock with each deep thrust, I ground myself against her clit while she urged me on with her chant, “fuck me, fuck me”. I lost myself in her wetness, her softness, her scent, and her moans until she arched her back, neck strained and head tilted back in the throes of her come. Her teeth were clenched, eyes tightly shut, nose flared and eyebrows raised. Beautiful. Erotic. She spasmed around my hardness, clenching and releasing my length, a hot wetness flooding in her while the legs wrapped around me flexed and trembled. I felt my cock grow heavy and firm as I continued the onslaught with my head now buried in the crook of her neck, grunting, hissing and gasping for air as I pushed up on my toes, my hips flexing into her. With a loud cry and final erratic thrust, I exploded into her milking softness while she kneaded my buttocks as if to drive me deeper.

Fuck. Me.

I continued grinding and pumping my hips while her cunt spasmed around me. After my breathing calmed down, I lifted her and with my cock still embedded in her, wobbled on my weak legs with my pants tangled around my ankles to the cot. I was still hard and extremely happy.